Safety Planning


Before a Violent Incident


Identify support systems - neighbors, friends, family, Social Service agency

Devise a code word or signal for help
Open your own savings account
Leave money, keys, important documents and extra clothes in a safe place
Plan where you will go if the situation becomes unsafe
Develop an escape route
Teach children to dial 911 and what to say
Keep a copy of your Order of Protection with you
Review your safety plan periodically


During a Violent Incident


Stay close to a room or area with an exit
Stay away from the bathroom, kitchen or weapons
Get away
Call 911
Use your best judgement
Protect yourself and children until danger level decreases
If you are caught in a violent situation: Make your body as small as possible (become a ball)
Protect your head and neck with your arms


After a Violent Incident


Get medical attention for injuries
Make a police report, even if you don't want the abuser arrested.
This helps establish a pattern of abuse.
Save evidence of abuse including: photos, medical records, police reports, torn clothing, and statements from witnesses
Obtain an Order of Protection
Seek out your support system - neighbors, family, friends, Social Service agency



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